Posted on Aug 18, 2020

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5 Key Defenses Austin DWI Lawyer Kevin Bennett Utilizes With Clients

Texas Courts, unfortunately, are not kind to DWI offenders. The penalties for DWI are incredibly serious and can include community service, extensive fines, license suspension, substance abuse and alcohol abuse courses, a Mothers Against Drunk Driving course and probation. You also face the possibility of time in jail or even prison if you are charged with felony DWI. Even just the DWI arrest can cost you thousands of dollars, time and can damage your career and reputation. That is why having an experienced Austin criminal attorney with extensive DWI defense experience is crucial if you want to have the best defense to the charges against you.

Attorney Kevin Bennett has years of experience representing people with all types of DWI related charges in Austin, Texas.

If you face DWI charges in Austin or anywhere in Travis County, contact Kevin Bennett today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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